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December 2019

European countries announce plan to phase out toxic PFAS chemicals by 2030

By PFAS in the news

Environmental officials from Sweden, the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark today announced a plan to restrict all PFAS compounds under Europe’s chemical regulations framework. The announcement in Brussels came one day after the submission of a document to the European Commission that lays out a strategy to phase out most uses of PFAS compounds by 2030, and one week after the commission proposed a drinking water standard for the entire class of chemicals.  Read more…

PFAS: A local and global challenge

By PFAS in the news, PFAS-REACH team news

Thanks to the film “Dark Waters,” released in theaters in November, people around the country now know about a group of chemicals threatening our environment and our health. The Hollywood film tells the true story of a community in Parkersburg, West Virginia, whose drinking water was contaminated with toxic chemicals from a DuPont facility, and the heroic figures who exposed the company’s efforts to hide the truth.  Read more…