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January 2020

PFAS-REACH study recruits Hyannis preschoolers

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The Silent Spring Institute is reaching out to the parents of preschool-age children in Hyannis and inviting them to participate in PFAS-REACH, a study designed to protect children from drinking water contaminants.  The study is designed to evaluate the effects of PFAS exposure on the immune systems of 120 preschool-age children in Hyannis and Pease NH.  Read more…

Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ more common in tap water than thought, report says

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YOU MAY NOT recognize the name PFAS, short for poly and perfluoroalkyl substances, but you likely come into contact with it regularly, maybe multiple times a day. You might even consume it.  Put simply: PFAS, a class of more than 4,000 different chemicals, is everywhere. It turns up in everything from household items to fast food wrappers. It’s even been found in our blood. And new research published this week by the non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG), shows it’s prevalent in tap water as well.  Read more…