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PFAS exposure found to increase risk of severe Covid-19

By | PFAS in the news

Toxicologists are expressing concern that exposure to per- or poly-fluorinated substances (PFASs) can increase a person’s likelihood of developing severe Covid-19. There are also warning that PFASs could also diminish the effectiveness of a vaccine against the novel coronavirus.

A number of studies in the scientific literature have now linked elevated PFAS levels with immune system suppression, as well as decreased response to vaccines. Read more…

White House intervened to weaken EPA guidance on ‘forever chemicals’

By | PFAS in the news

Documents reviewed by The Hill show the White House intervened as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was weighing a strict ban on imports of products that contain a cancer-linked compound, substantially weakening the guidance.

The guidance in question sought to limit potential exposure to a group of chemicals abbreviated as PFAS, used as a nonstick coating on products ranging from raincoats to carpets to cookware. Read more…

PFAS In The Spotlight After Georgia Runoff Elections

By | PFAS in the news

Georgia’s recent Senate runoff elections resulted in a Democrat controlled U.S. Senate. The impact of the Georgia election will play out over the next few years, with some predicting that the narrow majority that Democrats have in the Senate will not guarantee resistance-free passage into law of most Democrat or Biden-Harris proposed legislation, with others postulating that the result will be exactly that. Read more…