PFAS Exchange - Hard

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True or False: PFOS and PFOA each have a proposed standard of 4 parts per trillion.

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Believe it or not, scientists disagree on how to properly define the diverse class of PFAS. Which of the following is a reason why it’s complicated?

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Studies documented that higher PFAS levels are linked to lower levels of antibodies for diphtheria and tetanus in children. Where were these studies conducted?

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How have PFAS levels among people living in the U.S. changed since the 2000s?

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Why are firefighters more exposed to PFAS than the rest of the population?

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According to one EPA database, about how many PFAS are there?

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What is the difference between a maximum contaminant level (MCL) and a health advisory level (HAL)?

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In 2022, a National Academies panel concluded that there is a higher risk for health problems when PFAS in blood is above what level?

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