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Resources for Clinicians

Because PFAS are so ubiquitous in the environment and exposures are so widespread, it’s important for clinicians to be informed. Below are resources to help guide you in your practice.

Video: Health Education and Guidance on PFAS Exposure

This presentation highlights the importance of increasing clinical knowledge and understanding among healthcare providers for patients with potential risk factors and/or concerns about PFAS exposure. The presentation discusses individual risk factors and teaches the audience current federal recommendations for screening, as well as other protocols for assessing PFAS exposure and prevention and follow up approaches where research and research findings may be involved and/or unclear. The presentation promotes knowledge and competence for understanding and recognizing likely PFAS environmental exposures and preventing further exposure.

Resources Handout (pdf)

If you watched the video:

You can help make progress on this important issue by completing our brief survey to share your feedback. We’re interested to hear from clinicians as well as others. Our survey also has an option to join a clinician listserv to receive updates and engage on this topic (see below).

If you’d like to get free CME credit:

Go to the Children’s Mercy Hospital Continuing Medical Education page and Sign Up Now to create an account. Then log in and register for the free online training, “Non-stick Nuisance: Medical Monitoring for PFAS.”

Additional Resources

Medical Screening Guidance

Medical and Public Health Professional Organizations

Scientific Studies


  • Join a listserv to receive updates about PFAS in clinical practice and take action to improve patient care by sending an email to In the body of the email, put “subscribe pfasinpatientcare your name,” replacing ‘your name’ with your actual name and credentials. For example, “subscribe pfasinpatientcare Alice Hamilton, MD, MPH.”

Other Tools

Worker Health and Safety

Technical Guidance