The PFAS Exchange

An online resource center about PFAS contaminants in drinking water—helping communities understand their exposures and take action to protect their health.

What’s My Exposure?

Have you had your drinking water or your blood tested for PFAS chemicals? Do you need help interpreting your results? Use our online tool to better understand what your results mean and what steps you can take to reduce your exposures.
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What Are PFAS?
PFAS are chemicals that companies add to consumer products to make them non-stick, waterproof, and stain-resistant. There are currently more than 4000 different PFAS on the market, making them among the most ubiquitous synthetic chemicals in the world.
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Connecting Communities
Explore our interactive map to find out where PFAS have been found in groundwater or drinking water and where community organizations are advocating for stronger protections. Plug in to a group working in your community or connect with others facing similar challenges.
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Children’s Health Study
As part of PFAS-REACH, we are investigating the effects of PFAS on the immune systems of young children in two communities that have been exposed to contaminated drinking water—Hyannis on Cape Cod, Mass. and the Pease International Tradeport in Portsmouth, N.H.
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